So, I’m assuming some of you guys have already been accepted (ED) to the class of 2024! If that’s the case – wooohoo!!!! Get excited! In honor of that, I thought I would share some tips I’ve learned this semester while being on the Hill.

Top 10 First Year Tips

  1. Decorate your room in a way that will inspire you. You always want to come back to a room that feels like home, not some place that feels like a hotel.
  2. Don’t be afraid of communal bathrooms. After a while, you get used to them. Trust me, everyone is going through the same shock.
  3. Bring a Winter Parka! You will need it sooner than you think, but maybe I’m just biased since I’m from Florida. At the latest, bring it back after Fall Break.
  4. Make time to call your parents. You will be busier than you think, especially if you join a lot of extracurricular activities or are on an athletic team. It’s easy to go days without talking to your parents, but make time to call them – it’ll help to prevent homesickness.
  5. Learn to embrace walking up stairs. Holy Cross is on a hill – there is no way of escaping stairs. You might as well embrace them, or even make them part of your workout routine.
  6. Take care of your physical health. It’s easy to get caught up in all your free time and in Kimball’s desert bar; however, it’s essential for you to take care of your body. Eat a salad. Go to the gym. Get some sleep.
  7. Take care of your mental health. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, there are many resources on campus. Get a cookie from the Chaplain’s house. Go to the counseling center. Talk to your friends or RA. If you’re struggling with a class, talk to your professors. Resources are all around you, so take advantage of them.
  8. Incorporate laundry to your weekly routine. It’s a horrible feeling knowing you have a million things to do and nothing to wear. By scheduling in laundry, you will always be on top of it!
  9. BRING A FAN. Since the dorms only have heaters, the first few months of college are brutally hot. Bring a fan – trust me, you will be grateful.
  10. Be a little vulnerable. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and be your most authentic self. You will find friends that are meaningful and similar to you – trust the process!